Automated transport solutions for industry

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Telelift solutions in industry

Automated rail transport systems offer solutions for all logistics applications in the field of small goods. They connect production areas with one another and link workplaces – or even several building complexes. This saves floor area for use as production and work space. In-house transport systems are economical and reliable. Our transport systems are easy to adapt to changing requirements – no matter whether the object is to achieve greater automation, a new kind of goods to be conveyed, or higher capacities.
Benefits of Telelift transport solutions in industry:
  • Reduced space requirements in the plant area thanks to building-specific rail routing
  • Safe and reliable transport of fragile and valuable goods
  • Customer-specific solutions by adapting the base conveyor chassis with a great number of carrier, fastening, and container variants
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Shortens production times and reduces storage costs by supporting production processes on time and in sequence
  • High system availability and short troubleshooting times
  • Material transport and supply to the assembly places
  • Reliable support of cutting-edge production processes thanks to a modularly configured decentralized control unit in accordance with the international IEC 61131-1 PLC standard