Telelift services for you

Telelift automated transport systems are designed for high availability combined with a long service lifetime. To meet these expectations long-term, we have developed a comprehensive system of services and maintenance for you.

We offer you:
  1. The optimal design of your Telelift system
  2. Manufacture from high-quality and durable materials
  3. First-class customer service during every phase of your Telelift system’s lifespan
  4. Key concepts for modernization or retrofitting where the circumstances of your system change
  5. Spare parts for the complete lifespan of your system

As soon as a Telelift system goes into operation, Telelift Service comes into action. Maintenance of your automated transport system in line with the maintenance schedule, servicing for each phase of your Telelift system, modernization of your system controls (usually after 15 to 20 years) and conversion and/or expansion when there is a change in use. These service components ensure the reliable operation of your automated transport system over its entire lifetime.

 Our services for you entail:
  1. Services and maintenance by a team of more than 30 maintenance technicians
  2. Training and continuing training of staff on the customer side
  3. Operations support - 24/7 if desired
  4. Repairs, supply of spare parts and system modernization
  5. Conversion and expansion of your Telelift system

International service office

Telelift GmbH
Frauenstrasse 28
82216 Maisach
Phone +49 (0)8141-31591-0
Fax +49 (0)8141-31591-111