Use our services to ensure a long service life for your Telelift system

Our main goal is that your automated transport system has the best availability with optimal usage of its service life at the same time. To this end, we offer three different types of maintenance agreements, which ensure that the fully functional operating condition of your Telelift automated transport system is durably preserved:

  • full maintenance services
  • partial maintenance services
  • on-call repairs and maintenance services

The full-service maintenance agreement comprises the full maintenance and repair of your Telelift system. Our service technicians conduct the servicing and maintenance work according to a defined maintenance schedule to minimize possible system downtimes. Telelift is responsible for storing and immediately supplying replacement parts and parts subject to wear. Upon request, we will arrange for a service technician to arrive on site within a certain timeframe when an incident has occurred, so that your system can be returned to full operating condition as quickly as possible. The duration of a full-service maintenance agreement usually runs for ten years or more.

Like the full-service agreement, the partial maintenance services agreement includes all of the services to keep your system operational. Replacement parts and parts subject to wear, however, are billed separately. In addition, a standby service to handle any incidents can be added to the agreement. 

We offer a perfectly customized on-call repair and maintenance services agreement for those systems which are maintained partially or in full by yourself as the operator. This plan provides for a Telelift service technician to repair the system only upon request by the client. Or we can inspect your Telelift system according to the maintenance plan agreed with you, exchange the parts subject to wear and return the system to a fully functional operating condition. We will be pleased to support and train your own customer services team, and our efficient spare parts service will ensure that prompt supply of spare parts is guaranteed.