LoadMe 1

LoadMe for fast and reliable transports with a simple operating concept

Telelift LoadMe is a small and flexible transport robot for applications in laboratories. It provides cost effective and a simple solution for automation of transport processes and reliefs staff within the workspace. LoadMe transports hospital goods, e.g. laboratory goods, drugs and consumables, up to 40 kg. The robot transports and distributes within various departments in the hospital or laboratory and offers simultaneous transport of different loads by flexible transport containers.
LoadMe 2
  • LoadMe is self-disinfecting and safe to handle
  • It offers automated and manual navigation
  • Optionally optical and magnetic navigation
  • Non-stop operation up to 6 hours
  • No change necessary to the building structure
  • Operation in narrow aisles and tight spaces,turns on the spot
  • Requires little space and can be used flexibly by magnetic navigation technology
  • LoadMe provides flexible charging options and removal of goods at eye level to sitting workplaces possible
  • Applications: CSSD, wards, surgical areas, blood bank, infusion production, laboratories