Automated transport solutions for security areas

Lösungen Sicherheit 1

Telelift solutions for security

Banks, insurance companies, production facilities, government agencies, and administrations with high security status are confronted with the task of how to transport sensitive internal documents, data media, and valuables spontaneously, promptly, and safely. Banks, air cargo centers and offices with high security needs face an additional requirement whereby any risk of potential tampering during transport must be absolutely eliminated. Telelift systems are the ideal partners to handle all pickup and delivery services when it comes to valuables and confidential documents. The electromechanical safety locking in the container protects the cargo from unauthorized access. Every transport is monitored and documented without exception.
Benefits of Telelift systems for secured transports:
  • Protection from theft
  • Protects the transport goods from being damaged or lost during transport
  • The transport system pays for itself quickly
  • Efficient and reliable transport of goods
  • Short transport times and 24-hour transport system availability
  • Constant inspection and localization of every transport container over the entire route