Automated transport solutions for libraries

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Telelift solutions in libraries

Libraries are multi-media houses and modern educational and cultural centres these days, reaching out to children, young people and adults of all educational and cultural backgrounds. They provide free access to information, promoting research, science and life-long learning.
In our digitised, networked society, libraries also convey the relevant media skills. Libraries are a Third Place, encouraging communication and encounter – they nurture cultural identity and are a force for
social integration.

This means that innovative library technology is more than ever a key factor. It helps libraries to focus on their valued role in terms of culture and education and meet growing demand in the context of digital transformation. Our future-oriented logistics solutions ease staff workload, making more time for other tasks.

This means personal consultation, events and other on-demand services can be developed. Automation takes all media items back to their original shelf or stack location more quickly, making them available to go out on loan to users again more quickly.

Automated from Return to bookshelf

With the integrated solution of Telelift for book return, book sorting and high efficently transport of the media in a library many intelligent components become a sophisticated complete solution.

An automated return machine takes media items back in a quick and easy process.
Returned items are monitored and checked in the library management system.
After check-in, books and CDs, etc. are sorted individually according to predefined categories and conveyed to the appropriate book trolley or UniSortCar.
The book is then transported to its final location in the library area or stacks: even to other floors – carefully, quietly and without any need to reload.

The system which is developed in cooperation of Telelift and bibliotheca is unique in the market and fascinates with many benefits:

  • Protects media and prevents damage during transport
  • The transport system saves work by automatically accepting media from the book return station
  • Buffer potentials in the repository areas ensure that the media delivered are sorted away in a concentrated fashion
  • Horizontal and vertical transport enable flexible and space-saving routing in the building
  • Opening hours 24/7 possible
  • High media availability thanks to spontaneous transports
  • Improves image by lending the library a modern appearance
  • Relieves staff of the burdens of manual transport so they can concentrate on assisting library users